Why stay at a bed and breakfast?

During the last ten years we have heard most of the reasons why someone doe not want to stay at a B&B:  “I feel like I’m in someones home.”  I don’t want to eat breakfast with other guests.”  “I need access to the internet.”  “I need a TV.”  These seem to be the top reasons.

All B&B’s are different.  That’s the good and the bad.  At Butler House on Grand,   we hope you don’t feel like you are in our home, even though it is our home.  We try to keep our common areas clear of personal items.   We also provide seating options that allows the guest to eat with other guests or at a table of their own.  We can do this by offering different breakfast times.  We have free WiFi.  We also provide cable television in every room.  B&B’s offer personal service and in most cases you always dealing the owners, so the care and attention to the business will be much greater than at the run of the mill chain hotels.

We are prepared for the single business traveler or the romantic couple.  We want everyone to feel comfortable at our B&B.  Since we have been open for ten years, we can easily fall into the trap of doing the same thing over and over.  We try to keep a fresh outlook on things. 

If you haven’t stayed with us, we hope you will soon.






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