We are a family business

Butler House on Grand is a very small family business.  The last eight months we have been challenged in these economic times.  Plus we had several cancellations this winter because of weather.  We are trying to figure out how to more aggressively market ourselves.  We definitely need more heads in our beds!

We hope this whole social media thing will help a little.    While lots of businesses can recover their losses by selling more product and unloading excess merchandise, we don’t have that luxury.  We sell days of the week.  When that day is over, we will never be able to make it up.  We can’t add 100 days to the calendar. 

Tomorrow night we will have a regular guest staying with us.  He works for one of the nicest chain hotels in the world.   I tease him that he stays with us because he isn’t allowed to stay with the competition.  The chain he works for does not have a property in Des Moines.    While I’m sure there is a little truth about the competition aspect, I also can assume he genuinely likes staying with us.  He has been coming regularly for four years.  He always brings other employees from other properties from around the world with him.  Tomorrow night his boss is coming for the first time.  I guess if we were a bad place, he wouldn’t bring his boss!  Right?    So, if we are good enough to take care of employees that work at one of the most elite hotel properties in the world, then we should be good enough for most folks.

If you haven’t stayed with us, we are an old house.  We do not in any way consider ourselves near the level of our guests hotel.  But, we do offer a clean, comfortable, quiet place to rest and relax.  This is our home and sometimes you might hear us scolding a daughter when you walk in.  You might smell what we are cooking for dinner.    But we strive to always making you feel welcome.    We are truly a family business!

When you visit Des Moines, we sure hope you will give us a try.  www.butlerhouseongrand.com 866-455-4096



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