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One of the reasons we enjoy our business

March 29, 2010

We so enjoy meeting all of our guests.  When they check-in we don’t typically get to know them very well, but at breakfast we ask a few questions (if they seem open to questions) and before we know it we are having a great conversation.

Tonight we have a brother and a sister and the sisters daughter staying with us while they visit their other siblings/Aunts/Uncles in Des Moines.   The visiting brother and sister grew up here and then had careers in other states.  But they have been regular guests for almost all of the ten years we have been open.  These are the folks we so enjoy visiting with.  They are sort of like family but they pay us!  🙂   We have many regular guests.  Over the years we have been there when a guests parent or relative has passed away.  One of our long time guests mother passed away and Lauren greeted the guest at the door when she came back to Butler House on Grand the evening the mother left earth.  Lauren stayed up and talked to her for a few hours.  The guest was so thankful that she was staying with us.  What she doesn’t know, and we need to tell her, is that we are so thankful that she has come into our lives. 

We are thankful for all the folks that come into our lives.  This past year has been challenging,  to say the least,  at Butler House on Grand.  But we are so blessed to have wonderful and supportive family, friends, and guests.  So, take a moment after you read this,  and thank someone who has shown you a recent kindness.

Clark   866-455-4096


101 Things to Do in Des Moines.

March 27, 2010

The Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau ( of which we are a proud member) came out with a 100 Fun Things to do in Des Moines.    I’m trying to decide whetther we should have been on the list.  I don’t know if we are fun or not?  Okay,  I decided we are fun, so we say there is 101 Fun things to do in Des Moines.  We will sure try to make your stay at Butler House on Grand fun, relaxing, refreshing and a whole lot of other adjectives.

We are near some of the items on the list.  The Des Moines Art Center (our art museum)  is right across the street as is the Rose Garden.  We have the Bill Riley Bike Trail.  Bring your bike.  You can ride all the way to Jefferson on the Raccoon River Trail or all the way to Saylorville Lake on the Neal Smith Trail staring at the Bill Riley Trail.  The Bill Riley Trail will also get you to the Iowa Cubs.  Of course you can walk on these trails too. 

First guest arriving for the night, so a good time to stop.  Lauren said yes to helping with the Blog, so everyone should be happy!

As always visit us at or call 866-455-4096.


Butler House on Grand gets more serious about social media

March 26, 2010

Deeeeeep breath.  Here begins a more concerted effort to keep our past guests, future guests, friends and family in touch with Butler House on Grand.  About a year ago we started a fan page on Facebook and have done nothing with it.  We hope to change all that.  While we are a very, very small business, we should be doing a lot better keeping in touch.  So, here goes.

The sun is shining in Des Moines today.  It is Friday.  I am typing.  Lauren and Brigid are playing Clue while we wait to meet our guests for the evening.  The economy has been hurting our business for the last six months, so we aren’t waiting on as many guests as we normally do tonight.  We hope April will be a better month.

We are looking forward to meeting lots of new people this year, and greeting past guests at Butler House on Grand.  Thank you for taking time to read my first, Blog.    I hope I can get Lauren to take over this job!  Gotta go, our first guest arrived!   You can make reservations from our website at